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Wicker Storage Baskets


AKWAY Offers the best quality wicker basket specially designed for storage. AKWAY Provides Wicker storage baskets with Lids, Wicker storage baskets for kitchen, Baskets for clothes, Baskets for wardrobe, baskets  made of wicker for toys storage. 

  • We offers hand woven baskets with natural wicker to store clothes, toys, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables like onion potato, 
  • Wicker tree produces 35% more oxygen therefore it keeps the kitchen environment healthy.
  • Baskets that are made with wicker have good flexibility, and super load-bearing capacity, and therefore are highly durable. 
  • AKWAY wicker basket is available since 2008 and is now at its lowest price in India. 

****** Anyone can always connect with us we will customise the wicker basket for you at the best possible rates ******

Why You Should Buy From Us?

1. AKWAY is selling Wicker Basket In India since 2008. Sold up to 50,00,000 Baskets till now in India, more than any brand like Hettich, ebco

2. 100% Natural Wicker Baskets and Lowest Price In India.

3. Made with imported high-quality beechwood and imported wicker | bamboo | rattan wire

4. Customisation is possible if a regular wicker basket is not suitable for your kitchen cabinet. 

How Wicker basket is Manufactured?

The wire of the wicker basket is extracted from the tree known as Rattan, in some areas it is also known as bamboo or cane, using a machine, which helps in the uniformity of the wicker wire.

The Wooden frame of the wicker basket is made from the Steam Beechwood Tree which is found in European Forest, the wood is imported in India by AKWAY then it is made in the shape which is desired for the kitchen cabinet of the wicker basket, and several sanding and polish work makes the perfect finish of the wooden frame.

The wicker wire is weaved by the artesian on the wooden structure to complete the wicker wire and then it is polished using water-based polish, making the wicker basket waterproof and fungus resistant.