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Wooden Floor Lamps to Light Your Interior

Add sophisticated style floor lamps made with wood to your living room, family room, bedroom and any other space around the house with a quality wooden floor lamp from akway. Shop our broad selection of standing lamps to improve the lighting in every room in your house. You can find dozens of different looks and styles to suit your interior design.


Lamps help you design your decor your way, but a quality standing lamp can do a lot more for your home than just add a splash of colour. Here are some of the benefits of tall lamps when properly placed in your room:

  • Tall lamps help even out your lighting scheme. Overhead lights, whether you’ve got up-to-date recessed lights or older track lighting, will take care of most of the heavy lifting in your room. In some spaces though, overhead fixtures can leave dead spots where the light seems dull and dim. Tasks and table lamps can help on your desk ┬ábut floor lamps will do a lot more to illuminate the whole room and get rid of those poorly-lit zones.
  • Oversized lamps help add a ton of visual depth and heft to your room’s look. Large pieces create a foundation for your room’s decor, giving weight to your overall design concept. Large lamps are an essential component for a properly designed space.
  • They help bring a ton of colour and texture options to your home. Available in tons of different materials ranging from neutral ceramic to colourful glass and metal, standing lamps can be the eye candy in your room or blend beautifully into the background.


Create a space you’ll love by blending lamps into your design. Available in materials like metal, ceramic, crystal and glass, you can find lamps with soft and hard shades to fit your look. Here are a few options to shop for:

  • Straight and decorative lamps. Ideal for living rooms and family spaces, straight and decorative lamps are typically fitted with a soft shade. They offer ambient lighting that can also work well for reading, watching TV or taking on any number of tasks.
  • Arc and curved lamps. Excellent for more modern spaces, arc and curved lamps look best positioned over a chair, sofa or table. They can work in oversized spaces, but they’re also right at home in smaller areas if properly positioned.
  • Torchiere or dome lamps. Casting light upon your wall, these torchiere lamps work a lot like sconces do. They’ll add a dramatic touch to your living room, dining room or den.
  • Floor task lamps. Great for reading and working on craft projects, floor lamps with focused light beams add ambiance to your room while helping you get your work or hobby done.
  • Adjustable lamps. Able to go up and down so you can have light where you need it, adjustable lamps come in a variety of styles to match the look of your home. These are especially good for family rooms, home offices and dens.

Illuminate any space with decorative, functional floor lamps from Pottery Barn. Shop online today, and don’t forget to check out our selection of table lamps, sconces and exterior lighting as well.